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What is the best place to live?

How many Russian-speaking people live in different cities and areas? How large is so called Russian market? What is the best place to live? More than million of Russian-speaking people live in New York and New Jersey - it's almost 22% of Russian-speaking community in the United States. The next place to be is California. Census statistics give us about 756 thousand of Russian-speaking American there, or 16% of the Russian American community. What's next? The South Atlantic Region with Florida and Georgia is going next - 445 thousand and almost 10%.

Russian-speaking Population
US Russian-speaking Population

Why advertise at the ethnic market?

Only by the lowest estimation Russian speaking population of the USA is not less than 4.7 million people.

The US Ethnic Profile according to the Census 2000 Data


Data are referring to the Census 2000 questionnaire Item 10, which polled people to classify themselves according to which group they identified with most. CrossByte, Inc. has provided the the ethnic profile of each US region for RULIST Russian Business Directory. The data published at RULIST may be used as the lowest boundary for calculation of Russian-speaking population in the US. Even this rough estimate gives us a very optimistic answer to the question: Is it waste of time doing ”Russian” business in the US?

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